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The purpose of this workshop is to examine several management processes for a business brokerage office.  Most brokerages operate under a real estate model, but over the years, other models have been developed.  The discussion will examine several models.  The goal is not to suggest that one system is better than another, but to provide members with various options that may be adopted.

 Strap in for 81 minutes of discussion, debate, banter and even a few good laughs while you are exposed to three popular approaches to managing a multi-broker office.

Workshops are recorded during live presentations.  Audience interactions are maintained to enhance the learning experience.  Please note: There may be periods of where the audio becomes dulled when the presenter interacts with the audience.  You may need to increase audio volumes during these instances.




Credit Hours: 0

Duration: 81 minutes

Presenters: Steve Wain, Jeff Snell and Lou Vescio


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