IBBA 115 Introduction to SBA Financing
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This essential 2 hour course introduces students to the Small Business Administration's (SBA) programs and procedures.  Developed based on student and member feedback, it's a 'must' for any newer Main Street Business Broker and a refresher for the experienced broker.


  • The advantages and disadvantages of SBA programs.
  • The differences between PLP and GLP lenders.
  • What's included in the SBA's Total Project Cost.
  • How the SBA determines minimum Debt Coverage Ratios.
  • Common reasons for SBA loan rejections - and what to do about them.

NOTE: SBA terms change frequently and a review of the current terms is beyond the scope of this course.  Rather, this course focuses on the purpose, structure and provision of SBA guaranteed financing.


 Experts from various industries and disciplines often contribute to the development of IBBA courses, however, the IBBA does not endorse, guarantee or warrant any person, firm, product or service.

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When you complete this course you will understand:

  • SBA’s purpose and why it’s important when selling a business.
  • Acquisition financing options available for transactions.
  • SBA loan costs, fees and expenses breakdown.
  • Types of SBA loan programs.
  • The Broker’s role in the transaction.
  • The benefits to the buyer, seller and broker when including an SBA loan.
  • The business acquisition process when utilizing SBA Guaranteed lending.
  • Which listings should you consider for financing.
  • Initial business screening to secure a lender pre-qualification letter.
  • Initial buyer screening and pre qualification requirements.
  • Buyer and seller risks and considerations.

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