Selling Small Businesses that Can be Sold to Larger Strategic and Synergistic Buyers
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Strategic or Synergistic Buyers may be the key to selling your next listing at an optimal price.  Are you pursuing them?  This highly interactive, live workshop recording while help you understand the marketplace landscape, and how Strategic/Synergistic Buyers differ from your typical Financial Buyer.  Using real life examples, you’ll learn how to find and market to these Buyers, and how pricing and financing are viewed differently.  Not only could you sell your listing at a higher price than you thought, but you can also open doors to build your lead flow of quality listings for years to come!  Where beneficial, audience questions and comments have been preserved to enhance your learning experience.

 Presenter: Nate Ernest-Jones, CBI and Lou Vescio, CBI, M&AMI

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Duration: 74 minutes

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