Course 310 - How to Win Listing Engagements with Larger Businesses (>$1M)
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This course will teach you how to successfully identify and engage sellers of larger businesses with values greater than $1 million. You will learn how to identify the large-business markets and how to get the attention of the decision-maker. You will be shown how to motivate the owners to sell and how to guide them through the selling decision. By educating the owner, you will be able to win the listing agreement.

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When you complete this course, you should be able to:

Understand the distribution of businesses that make up larger listings.
Know where to find larger businesses.
Estimate the amount of commission you can make when working on larger transactions (specific commission rates are not presented to avoid violating anti-trust laws).
Know how to prepare for appointments with potential sellers as it relates to larger listings.
Understand the difference between DE and EBITDA.
Apply Best Practices when working on larger deals.

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