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The IBBA has launched its Business Broker Basics (BBB) online training program, a new educational course package geared towards those in the early stages of business brokerage and individuals seeking to enter the profession. The program marks the association’s largest educational project in the last decade, with more than ten subject matter experts contributing to the content.




Find out with the IBBA’s new Business Broker Knowledge Assessment, an online non-graded tool that assesses your competency in the key skill areas of business brokerage.

The Assessment is great for:

  • Deciding if a career in business brokerage is right for you.
  • Determining what education you should consider further investing in.
  • Incorporating into your office’s new broker onboarding program.
  • Preparing for your graded CBI exam.

The 67 question assessment is completely online and each purchase entitles the student to 5 retake attempts.  And at only $29.95, it’s both convenient and cost effective!  Purchase now, and take it whenever you like. 


Upcoming Events:

Canada Recasting & Pricing Educational Summit

Ottawa, Canada

Februrary 26-29, 2020


CABI Recasting & Pricing Educational Summit

Denver, CO

March 11-13, 2020


IBBA Recasting & Pricing Educational Summit

Independence, OH

March 22-24, 2020


2020 IBBA Annual Conference

Louisville, Kentucky

April 24-25, 2020

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